District Transport Office

            Main Functions of Motor Vehicle Department

  1. Registration of all types of vehicles subject to the fulfillment of Section 40 of M.V. Act 1988, where it states that every owner of the vehicle shall cause the vehicle to be registered by a registering  authority in whose jurisdiction he has the residence or place of business where the vehicle is normally kept.
  2. Realization of Road tax, registration/Inspection fees (Road tax is exempted for the Govt. vehicles ). However registration/Inspection fees are being realized as per Arunachal Pradesh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1984.
  3. Temporary registration (Sub - section (1) of section 43 )  :- Notwithstanding anything contained in the section 40 the owner of the motor vehicle may apply to registering authority of Transport Department to have the vehicle temporarily registered in the prescribed manner and for the issue in the prescribed manner of a temporarily certificate registration & temporary registration mark and is valid for one month only and shall not be renewable, the applicant may use prescribed Form No.- Ar-PMV-20 [See Rule 37(2)]    
  4. Renewal of road tax.
  5. Issue/Renewal of certificate fitness applicable to transport or commercial vehicles only.
  6. Issue/Renewal of road permit to all commercial vehicles :- 
                        (a) Stage carriage permit
                        (b) Contract carriage Permit
                        (c) Private Service vehicle Permit.
                        (d) Goods carriage Permit.
     7.  Issue of temporary Permit (U/S 87  ):- Valid for 4 months 
     8.  Issue of duplicate R.C./Driving Licence in case of torn or lost.  
     9.  Issue/Renewal of driving licence of different class of vehicle.
    10. Issue/Renewal of  Conductor Licence.
    11. Transfer of ownership of vehicles (U/S  50)
    12. Grant of NOC (U/S  48) for reassignment of vehicle is limited to vehicles registered in Papum Pare district only.
    13. Transfer of Permit ( U/S  82 of M.V. Act.)
    14.  Issue/Renewal of Trade certificate.
    15.  Issue/Renewal of agents of Canvassers Licence ( Ticket Booking Counter Licence ) U/S 93 of M.V. Act.
Procedure of Registration of Motor Vehicles

Step - 1   :    The owners of all class of vehicles are to get there vehicles insured as is required by   section 146 of M.V. Act. 1988 (except  Govt. vehicles)

Step  -  2    :    Obtain an application form No. 20 and fill in it.

Step  - 3    :    Submit the application in form No. 20 along with the form No. 21 and 22 which are issued by the dealers of vehicles in original and a Xeroxed copy of Insurance may be enclosed and submit to the registering authority.

Step  -  4    :    Subject to the fulfillment of section 40 of M.V. Act. 1988 (Where its states that every owner of motor vehicles shall cause the vehicles to the registered by a registering authority in whose jurisdiction he has the residence  or place of business where the vehicle is normally is kept). The registering authority may advise the owner or incharge of vehicles to produce for physical inspection like Chassis and Engine Nos. and may also advise to deposit the road tax (except the Govt. vehicles). Inspection/registration fees to Bank account  No. ' 0041' through treasury challan for effecting registration.

Step  -  5    :    Issue of registration Certificate of vehicle showing the validity of road tax, registration mark, validity of registration certificate and certificate of fitness (In case of transport or commercial vehicles) which may be effective throughout the territory of India.

Procedure for obtaining driving license 

Step 1- Get a Learner's Licence.

1. Who is eligible for a learner's licence ?

                       Those who have completed 16 years of age and are less than 18 years are eligible for a licence to drive a Motor Cycle upto 50 CC Engine capacity. For this they require the consent of their parents/guardians. Persons who are 18 years of age are eligible to obtain a licence for a motor cycle equipped with gears and also for motor car. Persons who are above 20 years of age are eligible to obtain a licence to drive a transport vehicle i.e. a vehicles used to carry passengers or goods for hire or reward such as a taxi, auto rikshaw, bus or truck.

                        However no person shall be guaranteed a learner licence to drive a medium or heavy goods vehicles or passengers vehicles unless he has held a driving licence valid for ( LMV) for atleast one year.

How to get a learner's licence    

Approach your transport establishment of licensing authority with the following :-

  1. Rs. 10 for each type of vehicle you apply for.
  2. Apply in application form 1,2,3 and 1-A (I-A Medical Fitness certificate for commercial vehicle only). Showing blood group.
  3. The recent passport size. ( Photograph of yourself )
  4. Date of birth and proof of address to be enclosed.  
  5. The licensing authority will put you through a preliminary verbal test on road signs
    and   road rules as  well as   an eye  test to rule out the possibility of colour blindness .The learner licence allows you to learn how to drive  with a regular and experienced  driver of your choice 

It is valid for six months only and  is renewable prior to the date of its expiry.

                There are two rules to be observed while learning .The first one is that one must paint/paste an "L" sign at back and front of your vehicle in red on a white background and the second  is that you must at all times be accompanied by a person holding a regular licence.  

Procedure for obtaining regular driving licence.

1. Approach District  Transport Office at Yupia.                                           
2. Carry the following-
                (a). Your valid original learner's licence.                                                    
                (b). Application Form No. 4
                (c). Rs.35/- for fees to be deposited to bank A/C No. :0041: through treasury challan copies to be enclosed with the Form No. 4 for a licence to be prepared in a booklet and Rs.50/- for lamination cum-passport sized driving licence charge (as has been  fixed by the (Govt of A.P)
                (d) Proof of address and  age ( a photo copy as well).
                (e) Three recent passport size photograph.
3.You have to attend the driving test as and when the test is conducted, date fixed of driving test is generally given in local news papers. 
             The applicants are required to bring their own class of vehicles for which they have applied for ; The test is conducted by a board. If you pass you will be issued licence valid for five years in case of private and in case of professional for 3 years.                
             The aforesaid works being done in the transport office under the disposal of District Transport Officers and the subordinate officers and staff which also come under the purview of the charter of the duties of the D.T.O. (M.V).
             Those are two subordinate officers under the D.T.O. (MV) they are of field officers.
  1. The Enforcement Inspector (M.V) and
  2. The Motor Vehicle Inspector.

The Enforcement Inspector    

        The Enforcement Inspector is the field officer. He is to attend the office only once in a week as per the charter of the duties notified by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, for report writing and submission to the Directorate of Transport. The legal powers exercisable  under section 207 of M.V. Act 1988 are vested in him as has been authorized by the state Government empowered under section 213 of the M.V. Act. 1988. Under these provisions of act he can detain, Seize the vehicles and the vehicular documents and take cognizance of  offence from the defaulters  of the provisions of the Act. The compounding fines of powers vested in him is next to the magistrate limited to the defaulters of the various provisions of M.V. Act 1988. The E.I. is also authorised to check the APST( Arunachal Pradesh State Transport) bus whether the conductor issues ticket after taking fare and also to check the root riding by the passengers.

Motor Vehicle Inspector (M.V.I)

        The Motor Vehicle Inspector (M.V.I) is a man of technical and is also a field officer limited to inspection of accident vehicles in the field. A part from this work he is also conduct driving test. Issue certificate of fitness and Pollution Control Certificate to all the commercial vehicle as is required articles under section 56 and 190 M.V. Act. Makes technical report of all vehicles (govt. & Private). He also verifies the chassis and engine nos. of vehicles before registration of new vehicles.