Textile & Handicraft

  1. Job profile of the Department:
    1. Job Profile under Handloom and Handicraft sector:
      1. Imparting training to adolescent girls, boys and widows of bonafied Arunachalee in weaving, knitting and carpentry trade at different crafts centre in the district
      2. Production scheme and working capital scheme, including Revolving fund scheme is implemented for self employment avenues to the passed out trainees of different trade, which also generates Govt. revenue
      3. To sale the finished products, produced by the trainees & production worker thereby earning revenue for the Govt.
    2. Job profile under Sericulture sector: The Department under sericulture sector, provides technical support & know-how about sericulture activities, comprising of silkworm rearing, grainage, reeling & spinning and food plant cultivation technology. The Department in form of extension support provides field demonstration, training programme etc. from time to time with emphasis on supply of disease free layings, seedling & sapling to encourage the farmer of rural populace to take up the sericulture activities as a source of livelihood income for economic betterment.
  2. Recent Project/Scheme already implemented/under progress during the year 2017-18
    1. Chief Minister Indigenous Textile Promotion scheme:The scheme being grant under state sponsored scheme for Implementation during the current financial year -2017-18, is to assist the local weavers to Increase their qualitative production to compete the market demands by supplying of free acrylic yarn to BPL weavers. As per physical target of the scheme 606 nos.of weavers beneficiaries has been benefited from the scheme.
      Chief Minister Textile Promotion Schemes

      Distributing beneficiaries under Chief Minister Textile Promotion Schemes

    2. Cluster sheme under NERTPS:This scheme being grant under centrally sponsored scheme for implementation during the year 2017-18,the main objective of the scheme is to develop the socio-economic structure of BPL weavers through training, mill-gate price yarn and to improved their traditional design and producing the market demandable products at national & international level. As per this scheme, within a cluster, one designer is engaged to guide the weavers.
      Cluster Schemes

      Photograph of Baseline Survey under Cluster Schemes

    3. ISDP under North East Regional Textile Promotion scheme : The scheme being grant under centrally sponsored, ISDP-NERTPS scheme for implementation during the current financial year-2017-18, is to assist the sericulture farmers/beneficiaries of the district for construction of low cost Rearing house. As per physical target 15 nos. of selected beneficiaries has been identified for the said scheme and achieved construction of Silkworm Rearing house accordingly during the year.
      Chief Minister Textile Promotion Schemes

      Constructed Silkworm rearing house