Papum Pare District is situated in the North Easter part of Arunachal Pradesh. Its mainland extended between 26°55′ and 28°40′ North latitude and 92°40′ and 94°21′ East longitudes. The district is bounded by Kra Daadi district in the north, Lower Subansiri district in the east, East Kameng district in the west and state of Assam in the south. The district headquarter is located at Yupia which is 22 kms from Itanagar. The name of the district is derived from the two major rivers called Papum and Pare. The district covers an area of 3462 sq kms approximately. The land is mostly mountainous with Himalayan ranges. The hill ranges approximately varies from 45 to 1200 mtrs above sea level. It is a land of lust green forest, deep river valleys and beautiful plateaus. Nyishis are the local inhabitants of Papum Pare district. They are believed to belong to Tibetan-Mongoloid stocks. The most important festival is “Nyokum Yullo”, which is related to agriculture.

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Pige Ligu
Deputy Commissioner Shri Pige Ligu


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