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Office Order
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Checking of vehicles in every part of the District during night hours 28/12/2023 View (265 KB)
Illegal earth cutting adjacent to Donyi Polo Airport along the NH415 12/12/2023 View (318 KB)
Gazetted and Restricted Holidays 2024 26/09/2023 View (2 MB)
Gazetted and Restricted Holidays 2023 17/01/2023 View (1 MB)
Cigarettes and other tobacco products banned 19/09/2019 View (241 KB)
Ban on use of single plastic items 12/09/2019 View (532 KB)
Restriction of Licensed Arms 11/03/2019 View (191 KB)
Leave Banned Order 05/02/2019 View (427 KB)
Storage of e-waste 24/01/2018 View (240 KB)