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Nima Tashi DDMO +919402973500 NA

The office of the District Disaster Management Officer (DDMO)-cum-District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC) is functioning from the DC’s Office, Yupia. The head of the office is District Disaster Management Officer and (03) three subordinates staff viz. one Field Officer, one LDC and a Peon work under her. Besides three chowkidhars have been appointed on contractual basis for safeguard of the VSAT based Seismic Telemetry Observatory installed in the premises of DC’s Office, Yupia.

The Main functions of the office are as follows:

      • Disbursement of Relief assistance: The Deputy Commissioner, Yupia is the Chairman of District Executive Committee which is the relief committee at District level. The other members are SP, Yupia, DMO, Yupia, DDA, Yupia, DHO, Yupia, DVO, Yupia, DFDO, Yupia, PD, DRDA, Yupia, DDI, Yupia and DDMO, Yupia. The committee sits for 3-4 board meetings in a year for verification of relief assistance claims received from various Circles/Sub-Divisions and departments of the District and recommends necessary relief assistance to the victims as per the items and norms of assistance from the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF)/National Disaster Response Fund(NDRF). The Committee gathered for four board meetings in the year 2018 and has recommended relief assistance for the victims of house damage, crop damage, livestock loss, fish farm damages etc. The Board has also recommended relief assistance for immediate restoration of Govt. Primary schools under Sangdupota Circle which were damaged due to thunderstorm in the month of April 2018.
      • District Disaster Management Plan: As per Section 25 of the Disaster Management Act’2005 the District Disaster management Authority (DDMA) has been constituted and under this Act’ Section-31 Sub-section (1)& (2) envisages that there should be District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) for every district under the supreme control of district authority. The District plan shall be prepared by the District Authority, after consultation with local authorities and having regard to the National Plan and the State Plan, to be approved by the State Authority. Accordingly The District Disaster Management Plan has been formulated and is reviewed and updated every year before the onset of monsoon. The DDMP of Papumpare District includes the following :
        • The name/contact details of stakeholders of Disaster Management with their responsibilities.
        • The areas in the district vulnerable to different forms of disasters.
        • The identified safe shelters.
        • The measures to be taken, for prevention and mitigation of disaster, by the Departments of the Government at the district level and local authorities in the district.
        • The capacity- building and preparedness measures required to be taken by the Departments of the Government at the district level and the local authorities in the district to respond to any threatening disaster situation or disaster.
        • Allocation of responsibilities to the Department of the Government at the district level and the local authorities in the district.
        • The Emergency Support Function with the name and contact nos. of Nodal Officer and alternative Nodal Officers.
        • Resource inventory.
      • District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC): The District Emergency Operation Centre is made functional round the clock at the time of emergencies especially during monsoon season. The DEOC, Yupia is equipped with necessary communication and Search and Rescue equipments. A weather station has also been installed in the DEOC, Yupia.
      • Awareness Generation Activities on Disaster Management: Awareness generation activities on disaster management are carried out every year with the help of 12th BN NDRF, Doimukh. This year Community Awareness Programme was conducted at Jote (23/07/2018), Kimin (24/07/2018), Lenka (27/09/2018), Kakoi (28/09/2018) and Parang (28/11/2018) with the help of 12th BN NDRF during ’Sarkar Aapke Dwar’ Programme organized by the District Administration. Besides pamphlets/leaflets on safety tips of various disasters have been distributed during the programme.


Staff Position
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1. Smti. Tana Mercy DPO +918132977429
2. Smti Jambey Chozom Peon +917085692503