Ayushman Bhav Campaign in Papum Pare District

In a move towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and ensuring healthcare for all, the President of India virtually launched the Ayushman Bhav campaign on 17th September,2023.
This initiative aims to deliver healthcare services to the last mile and consolidate access and affordability for underserved populations.
As a part of the Campaign Ayushman bhav health melas were held at CHCs Doimukh, Balijan, Sopo, Jote, Bormai , Sagalee and Tarasso till the filing of this report.
During these health melas services like
PMAJY &CMAAY, ABHA Id generation, Immunization ,Antenatal checkups, NCD screening, were provided to the public.
National deworming Day (NDD) and Integrated Diarrhoea Control Forthnight ( IDCF) programs are also being converged with the Ayushman Bhav Campaign.
Few glimpses of Ayushman Bhav campaign in Papum Pare district.